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Meet Our People

Meet Our People

GayTGay Tiss

Gay and her husband Jeff have been attending Christ Community Church for nine years and are members. Their daughter and son-in-law, Jack and Bethany Pryor, and three grandchildren also attend CCC.
When the Tiss’ came to CCC, Gay had a desire to study the Bible while getting to know some of the women of the church. She joined the Tuesday morning ladies Bible study. In addition to studying God’s Word, she was able to serve alongside the ladies in some of their outreach ministries.  After attending Deborah’s Daughters a couple years, Gay was asked to co-lead the group. Being a part of Deborah’s Daughters has been a great way to connect with many women of the church and study the Word together. Gay is also a part of the Intercessory Prayer group which consists of ladies from Deborah’s Daughters who pray together once a month for the missionaries the group supports. Gay feels blessed beyond measure to be a part of this faithful group of praying gals.

Gay is also a member of Christ Community’s Celebration Choir. She thoroughly enjoys singing in the choir under Pastor Adam’s leadership and rejoices in praising the Lord together with the other choir members.  Gay loves the people of CCCLH and truly feels blessed to be a part of this body.

In addition to her other ministries, Gay and her husband Jeff have been a part of several in home Bible Study groups know as Growth Groups over the years. They have appreciated getting to know the church family on a deeper level than just seeing them at church.