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Community Groups

CG-web-LogoThe purpose of the growth group ministry is to make the pursuit of God and the advancement of His Kingdom the central priority of our lives by being and making disciples of Jesus Christ. This ministry further endeavors to support the pulpit ministry of the church while strengthening fellowship within the body.

Specific Goals

  1. Participants will affirm and apply truth heard in the Sunday morning sermons as aided by their interaction in small group discussions.
  2. Participants will regularly pray for the needs of the church and each other, both during and between meetings.
  3. Participants will develop increasingly transparent and encouraging relationships within the covenant community at CCCLH, enhanced by:
    a) an intentional, mutual commitment of group members for a 10-month period
    b) intimate group sizes (typically capped between 8-10 members)
    c) occasional social events


  1. Each group is facilitated by an elder (current or former), pastor, or elder-approved leader with meetings typically lasting from 1½ to 2 hours.
  2. Groups are typically adult-only, though a few groups involve children or on-site child-care.
  3. Groups meet with varied frequency and on different days of the week as determined by the unique needs of each facilitator/group. Some groups meet once a month, while others meet twice a month or every other week.
  4. Groups meet in a variety of locations. Most groups meet in homes, with some always meeting at the leader’s home and others rotating between members’ houses. However, a couple of groups meet on the church campus.
  5. There is a diverse variety in the make-up of groups: many are generally representative of a particular age/stage, while many others include a broad range of ages/stages.